Musical coincidences # 349

December 17, 2012

This coincidence is brought to you by my friend – and supplier of horrible music from the 1980s – Michael (Hi, Michael!) who heard a recent-ish Christmas song from British band Farrah and mentioned that he thought “it borrows a little of The Logical Song by Supertramp“.

That, my good man, is an understatement. To me, this coincidence falls into the “you can’t miss it” category.

Supertramp – “The Logical Song (1979) (excerpt)


Farrah – “Santa Don’t Go (2010) (excerpt)


For me, that is so obvious that I’m inclined to think it may have been a deliberate homage from Farrah. (It probably was, otherwise why would you add those castanets to the electric piano, just like in “The Logical Song”? Hmmm?)

Here are the full versions:

Farrah – “Santa Don’t Go (2010)

Supertramp – “The Logical Song (1979) (excerpt)


Song of the day: Farrah – "Crash"

April 2, 2012

British band Farrah recently gave away a song on Twitter. I’m glad they did, ‘cos I like it:

Farrah – “Crash” (2012)


Official website

Musical coincidences # 118

July 6, 2011

Today’s Song of the day band, Ocean Grove (see above), have released an EP entitled Another Place To Stay. One of the tracks on the EP is called “The Best”. It’s in the key of G major, and at the end of each chorus the chord progression is C major, F major, G major – like so:

Ocean Grove – “The Best” (2011) (end of the chorus)


That chord progression is slightly unusual when played in the key of G major because of the F major, which really sticks out. (In the key of G major, the F note is not supposed to be F – it’s supposed to be F sharp.)

Anyway, when I heard the band go to F major (instead of any other chord they could have chosen) at the end of the chorus, it reminded me of British band Farrah who did the same thing last year on one their songs. Farrah’s song is “If You Were Mine”, and at the end of each chorus the chord progression is C major, F major, G major – just like the Ocean Grove song:

Farrah – “If You Were Mine” (2010) (end of the chorus)


Here are the full versions:

Ocean Grove – “The Best” (2011)


Farrah – “If You Were Mine” (2010)


Ocean Grove official website
Ocean Grove on MySpace
Ocean Grove on Facebook
Ocean Grove on Twitter
Ocean Grove on Wikipedia

Farrah official website
Farrah on MySpace
Farrah on Facebook
Farrah at Bandcamp
Farrah on Wikipedia

Musical coincidences # 52

June 1, 2010

I recently read Powerpopaholic’s review of Farrah’s new album and thought, “Hmm, he gave their new album a 10 out of 10. Time to investigate…”.

So I had a listen to the album a few times and liked it (maybe not in a ’10’ way), but a couple of the songs on the album prompted today’s musical coincidence.

One of the tracks on Farrah‘s album is “Scarborough”, a lovely song about an office romance. As soon as I heard it I thought “Hey, that sounds just like a Fountains Of Wayne song!”.

Here’s the Farrah track in question:

Farrah – “Scarborough” (2010)


Slow that down a bit, and you have…

Fountains Of Wayne – “Valley Winter Song” (2003)


For me, the similarities are strongest in the choruses.

I re-read the Powerpopaholic review to see if he spotted the similiarity, too, and this is all he’d written:

The sweet “Scarborough” recalls a little of Fountains of Wayne in this colorful story song.

A little? Make that a lot.

Another track on the Farrah album is “Stereotypes”, a nice boppy song:

Farrah – “Stereotypes” (2010)


The main guitar part in the chorus of “Stereotypes” sparked a part of my brain to exclaim “Hey, that reminds me of…”:

The Feeling – “I Love It When You Call” (2006)


No matter who’s borrowing from whom, they’re all good albums*.

Farrah: Official website | MySpace
Fountains Of Wayne: Official website | MySpace
The Feeling: Official website | MySpace

(*Which reminds me to play you some more of The Feeling sometime. I haven’t played you anything of theirs before now because they’re a British band**, but their debut album, Twelve Stops And Home is a cracker. I bought both the UK and US versions of the album because they differ in track sequencing and cover artwork. That‘s how much I like that album.)

(**Well, this is supposed to be an Australian power pop blog.)

Song of the day: Farrah – "Swings And Roundabouts"

May 1, 2010

Although today’s song isn’t Australian, there is an Australian connection….

Here’s British band Farrah with their latest single, “Swings And Roundabouts” (2010):


And here’s the Australian connection: Kate and Zac from The Wellingtons appear in the video. For a while I couldn’t quite figure out why they, of all people, would be appearing in a video by a British band until I saw at the end of the video that Farrah’s record label is Lojinx. It just so happens that The Wellingtons are represented in Britain by… Lojinx.

Anyway, I don’t know anything about Farrah’s new album (mainly because it hasn’t been released yet), but I really like – and thoroughly recommend – their album from 2004, Me Too.

Incidentally, I must thank Will Harris for alerting me (via Facebook) to the existence of the video – and Will was alerted to it by Kim Richey. Thanks, Will and Kim!