Song of the day: Bubblerock: "Satisfaction"

July 10, 2010

This is without a doubt the oddest version of this particular song that I have ever heard:

Bubblepop – “Satisfaction” (1974)


And I love it.

My favourite cover version of that rather well-known Rolling Stones ditty used to be the one by Devo, but this version by Bubblerock manages to be even weirder than Devo’s, and therefore automatically gets my vote as Best Ever Cover Version Of A Rolling Stone Song.

I found out that Bubblerock is the alter-ego of Jonathan King, the chap who helped launch the careers of artists as diverse as 10cc, the Bay City Rollers, and Genesis. That’s one nice pedigree you’ve got there, Jonathan.

I also found out via Wikipedia that:

“In 1979 the pop impresario Jonathan King scored a minor hit single under the pseudonym Father Abraphart and the Smurps entitled ‘Lick a Smurp for Christmas (All Fall Down)’, a parody of Father Abraham and the Smurfs.”

Yes, indeedy:

Father Abraphart and the Smurps – “Lick a Smurp for Christmas (All Fall Down)” (1979)