Song of the day: The Fauves – "Medium Pacer"

October 21, 2012

If you’ve ever wondered if somebody has ever made a song with verses that sounded just like early Devo and choruses that sounded like early Weezer, then wonder no more…

The Fauves – “Medium Pacer” (2000)


By the way, I’d like to apologise to the band for using that less-than-flattering photo of them at the top of this post. (I couldn’t find anything else that was better.)

Official website
Twitter (unofficial)

Song of the day: The Fauves – "Self-Abuser"

April 15, 2011

Here’s something you may not have heard too often in the 90’s – a grunge song with tunes:

The Fauves – “Self-Abuser” (1996)


The sentiment is pure grunge, but it has tunes. Tunes!

The Fauves official website

Song of the day: The Fauves – "Surf City Limits"

February 20, 2011

This is something you may never have considered possible, but here’s a cheerful grunge* song – and with some Beach Boys harmonies thrown in for good measure:

The Fauves – “Surf City Limits” (1998)


The Fauves official website
The Fauves on MySpace
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(*If it’s cheerful, can it be considered a grunge song? Or does a grunge song have to be depressing before it can be classified as grunge?)