Musical coincidences # 188

March 4, 2012

Facebook Friend (and all-round good guy) Scott Thurling (Hi, Scott!) posted a song on his Wall a couple of days ago. It’s by Australian band The Mavis’s on his Wall, and I hadn’t heard it before. A bit of it reminded me of a song by British band The Feeling, and that’s prompted today’s coincidence. Thanks, Scott, for posting that song!

The Mavis’s – “Box” (1996) (excerpt)


The Feeling – “I Want You Now” (2006) (excerpt)


Here are the full versions:

The Mavis’s – “Box” (1996)


The Feeling – “I Want You Now” (2006)



Song of the day: The Feeling – "I Want You Now"

December 21, 2011

I’ll try not to make today’s post a long one (you’ve read more than enough of those here already), but I have a couple of things I want to mention before I get to the song. (Note to self: it’s more than a couple, Peter.) But hopefully it won’t take too long.

Today’s song is by The Feeling, an English band that – in England, at least – is apparently loved and reviled in equal proportions. In 2006 they were the darlings of English radio, because radio programmers were bowled over by a band that apparently travelled back in time to when songs were full of melody. Consequently, radio programmers played them repeatedly. (I think in radio-speak it’s called “high rotation”.) As a result of this bombardment, the English radio listening population became polarised. People had very definite opinions about the music, one way or the another. (“They’re fantastic!”/”They’re utter shite!”)

When I heard The Feeling, I immediately fell into the “They’re fantastic!” camp.

Before we actually get to today’s song (“Yes please”, I hear you say impatiently), I’ll just let you know about the album the song appears on. The album is called Twelve Stops And Home. It was The Feeling’s debut album, and is effortlessly recommendable. I find it incredibly easy to recommend because if you’re a power pop fan and you haven’t heard it, there’s an extremely high chance you’re going to like it. Extremely high. However, before you race off to buy it I must issue a warning: Twelve Stops And Home was released in the UK in 2006 and in the US in 2007. The US version is dreadful because the track listing was changed – and not for the better. It puts all the softer songs at the start and the rockier songs towards the end of the album. I bought both versions (I love this album), and was mightily disappointed when I heard the US one, with its complete mangling of the track listing. The original UK version is the one to get, as it has the songs in (what sounds to me like) the right order.

UK version. Buy.
US version. Avoid.

Here, finally, is today’s song:

The Feeling – “I Want You Now” (2006)


Incidentally (and this is very trivial), Twelve Stops From Home was released on a label called Universal Island. My guess is that Island Records was bought by Universal Records, but the combined name confuses me no end. A universal island? How can an island be universal? That phrase messes with my mind. Or, as Cockneys might say: “It duz me ed in.”