Song of the day: Finch – "Short Changed Again"

January 17, 2011

Today’s post is a request. Sort of.

A recent Musical coincidence featured three Australian bands all playing pretty much the same riff. One of those bands was the long-forgotten Finch. (Not to be confused with Welsh heavy metal band Budgie, or American soft rock band the Eagles, or English moody rock band Doves.) The Finch song was called “Hey Spunky”. (And still is, I dare say.)

When that Musical coincidence was posted, commenter Paul (Hi, Paul!) offered this about one of Finch’s other songs:

I’d rate Finch’s “Short Changed Again” as one of the greatest Australian rock recordings. An ignored classic.

I’m going to interpret that as a request. Thanks, Paul.

Here’s Australian 70’s rock band Finch (not The Birds or The Byrds or The Fabulous Thunderbirds or The Nighthawks or The Black Crowes or the Owls etc) with a rockin’ little ditty:

Finch – “Short Changed Again” (1976)


As a bonus, here’s a live version that was recorded in December 1976 but released a year later:

Finch – “Short Changed Again” (Live 2JJ) (1977)


Musical coincidences # 60

December 15, 2010

I love today’s coincidence because of a few things:

1) it involves three bands; and
2) all the bands are Australian.

But that’s not the end of the coincidence. It involves the guitarists in each band, and:

3) they’re all playing virtually the same thing;
4) they’re all playing it as a shuffle (i.e., boogie!);
5) they’re all playing it in the same key (which means they’re all playing exactly the same notes and chords).

The coincidence centres around this particular guitar part:

The guitarist plays an A note (5th string, open) in a boogie style (bomp, ba-bomp, ba-bomp, ba-bomp etc – think Status Quo). Whilst he or she is doing that (bomp, ba-bomp on the A note), s/he plays a D chord followed by a C chord over the top of it.

First up, here’s Australian band Finch doing it:

Finch – “Hey Spunky” (1976) (excerpt)


Next up, we have Australian band Rose Tattoo doing it (a little slower):

Rose Tattoo – “Bad Boy For Love” (1977) (excerpt)


And finally, we have Australian band Skyhooks doing it (back up to the speed of the Finch one):

Skyhooks – “B B B Boogie” (1978) (excerpt)


Love it.

Here are the full versions:

Finch – “Hey Spunky” (1976)


Rose Tattoo – “Bad Boy For Love” (1977)


Skyhooks – “B B B Boogie” (1978)


Rose Tattoo official website
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Skyhooks official website
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