Song of the day: The Fire Apes – "Hey Kate!"

July 5, 2011

I received an email from a lovely lady by the name of Chrissy (Hi, Chrissy!) – no, not the Chrissy from Luck Media & Marketing whom I’ve mentioned before, but an entirely new Chrissy. (Well, new to me. I’m sure Chrissy has been aware of herself for a fair amount of time.) This Chrissy is from Big Picture Media. I now know two Chrissys. Yay!

I strayed off the point there for a moment. Sorry about that.

What was the point? Oh, yeah, the band Chrissy told me about…

Chrissy (from Big Picture Media) told me about a band she’s looking after, The Fire Apes.

Incidentally, Chrissy called the band her “pop-rock clients.” I love that phrase, because it makes me think of:

Pop Rock Clients

Sorry. I’m straying off the point again.

The band. Right.

The band is called The Fire Apes (Note to self: did I already say that?), and Chrissy pointed me in the direction of their latest album, A Life In Letters.

I must say that, after five listens, I’m mightily impressed with the album. If you want a quick description of the band and its music, here it is:

“The Fire Apes sound like a pop-punk band playing early-60’s (pre-Beatles) songs.”

It’s not the pop-punk aspect of the band that I’m attracted to here (I’m not a fan of pop-punk), but the song construction. I think their songs have good tunes and are well-written. They’re assembled in an old-fashioned way, utilising tried-and-true songwriting techniques that were at their height from about 1959 to 1963 (before The Beatles came along and rendered those tried-and-true songwriting techniques obsolete). If you’re looking for a contemporary comparison, I’d go with Rooney – they also have that modern rock guitar sound coupled with early-rock-era-styled songs.

OK. That’s the potentially unhelpful description out of the way. On to the music itself. (Yes, I’ve come to the realisation that you’re not here for the words. You want the music. And you want it now, now, now!)

Because I like pretty much the entire album (there was only one track that I thought went below the “I like that a lot” rating), I’ve found it rather difficult to pick one or even two songs to play you. Although I want to play them all, I think the band (or even Chrissy, despite her loveliness) would have something to say about that. (Something along the lines of: “Hey, stop playing all our tracks!”)

I’ll try to make it two.

I can start with the track that Chrissy first alerted me to (as in: “If you want to hear the band, try this first”):

The Fire Apes – “Hey Kate!” (2011)


And here’s another one, where you can hear those traditional songwriting techniques more distinctly:

The Fire Apes – “It’s Over” (2011)


Sorry about this. I have to play you another one (I like these songs):

The Fire Apes – “If Things Don’t Look So Good Today” (2011)


Look, I really am sorry about this, but I really want to play you this track, too. I find it irresistible:

The Fire Apes – “3 O’Clock (So Long)” (2011)


I’m going to have to exercise some self-control here and leave it at that. Hopefully, Chrissy and the lads won’t be too upset that I plundered their album approximately 200% more than I said I would.

By the way, if you’re interested in reading a (proper) review of A Life In Letters, I thoroughly recommend the one at Bill Realman Radio which is highly complimentary. Bill rather helpfully gives a track-by-track description of the entire album. And he does it more succinctly than I ever could.

In the interests of fairness and balance etc, there’s a review over at Reviews and the Rest that’s the polar opposite of Bill’s. The person there really didn’t like the album. At all.

Ah well. Each to their own. I liked it.

And by the way, on a linguistic note: I have a feeling that my parentheses are getting way out of hand. I just noticed that this post in particular has a whole heap o’ them, many more than necessary. It’s a dreadful habit I have, and I’ll try to curb my use of parentheses from now on. (Reminder to self: please do.)

Buy A Life In Letters at CD Baby (it’s a CD)
Buy A Life In Letters at (it’s not a CD)
Buy A Life In Letters at iTunes (iThis iS iNot iA iCD, iEither)
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