Musical coincidences # 251

May 30, 2012

My friend Stonefish (Hi, Stoney!) recently posted on his blog a couple of songs by a band called Fools For Rowan.

One of the songs starts like this:

Fools For Rowan – “It’s Alright” (2009) (excerpt 1)

And it was the first four notes – these four notes…

Fools For Rowan – “It’s Alright” (2009) (excerpt 2)

…that piqued my interest, because they instantly reminded me of:

The Beatles – “Here Comes The Sun (1969) (excerpt)

Here are the full versions:

Fools For Rowan – “It’s Alright” (2009)

The Beatles – “Here Comes The Sun (1969)

I would like to thank both Stonefish and Fools For Rowan for reminding me of “Here Comes The Sun”.