Musical coincidences # 92

March 9, 2011

I’m pleased to announce that today’s coincidence comes not from me, but from the 20-year-old in the household (Hi, Celeste!). She and I happened to be listening to music on the computer the other day, and we were having a look at some songs that had found their way on to the hard drive. One of them was “I Wonder” by an American 60’s garage band called The Gants. It was a track that wasn’t familiar to me at all, and I didn’t even know why it was there on the hard drive. Plus I’ve never even heard of The Gants. (Who on Earth are The Gants? And why would you want to call your band The Gants?*)

Anyway, when I played that song by The Gants, Celeste, who was sitting at the time, suddenly leapt up** and shouted “They ripped off ‘In My Life’!”.

The Gants – “I Wonder” (1967) (excerpt)


The Beatles – “In My Life” (1965) (excerpt)


Well spotted, Celeste.

Here are the full versions:

The Gants – “I Wonder” (1967)


The Beatles – “In My Life” (1965)


(*Wikipedia reckons they were called The Gants “after a popular brand of shirt with a button-down collar.” But that still doesn’t answer the question: why?)

(**I may have exaggerated that bit.)