Song of the day: Gary and Dave – "Could You Ever Love Me Again"

July 6, 2009

Here’s Gary and Dave with their 1973 Australian hit, “Could You Ever Love Me Again”:


I know, I know: Gary and Dave were a Canadian duo – but it was a hit in Australia, and that’s good enough for me. (“It’s my blog, and I’ll play it if I want to…”)

The main reason I’m including it here is because of a strong love/hate (more love than hate) relationship I’ve had with this song ever since the time, as a teenager, I went over to my best friend John’s house. For a laugh, we decided to play “Could You Ever Love Me Again” over and over again – as soon as the song finished, we put it on again. I think that lasted about two hours (or maybe it was one hour and felt like two). However many times we played it, we had a heap o’ fun hearing it over and over again.

And I just realised that I used the word “again” four times in the previous paragraph. (See what playing “Could You Ever Love Me Again” repeatedly can do to you?)