Educating Peter # 14

September 23, 2012

We continue Michael’s possibly futile efforts to persuade me of the musical value of the 1980s with a song I actually know. (Hi, Michael!)

I haven’t heard it in years and years and years (1986 is my guess, considering that’s when it was released), but back then I knew it well. Nowadays I barely remember it at all, but I basically remember how it went. So much for how it went. I need to focus on where it’s going to go. It’s going to go into my ears…

Georgia Satellites – “Keep Your Hands To Yourself” (1986)


I remember this as being a supreme example of what’s known in Australia/UK as pub rock, and in the US as music played by “bar bands”. I don’t know what it’d be called in Venezuela.

Incidentally, thinking of “Keep Your Hands To Yourself”, and bar bands in general, I just remembered another American band called Jason & The Scorchers. I remember them because way back when I was in the band I was in (Hi, fellow band members!), we played Jason & The Scorchers’ “White Lies”:

We didn’t play “Keep Your Hands To Yourself” though. (Well, not as far as I remember.)

Hmm. I’m listening to “Keep Your Hands To Yourself” as I’m typing but I can’t think of much to say about it.

This is what I can say:

  • It’s a solid 12-bar blues performed by a good bar band.
  • I’m enjoying it.
  • It doesn’t have much of an 80’s sound, about which I rejoice. No exploding drums! No effects-laden guitars! The band doesn’t sound as if it’s playing down the bottom of a well! It’s just a band playing a song! Yay!

The word “solid” pretty much says everything I want to say about it. It’s solid. And now that I’ve seen the word “solid” multiple times, it looks like gibberish. You know when you see a word over and over again until it doesn’t seem like a real word anymore? That’s what I’m now thinking when I see the word “solid”. Maybe I should stop typing the word “solid”.

Oh. As I was typing that nonsense, the song finished. I’m going to have to play it again.

Take 2

Yep. It’s solid.

Take 3

Same again.