Song of the day: Marykate O’Neil – "Get Down"

January 28, 2011

It’s been a while since I played you some pure, unadulterated Bubblegummy pop (well, not since December last year).

To correct this awfulness, here’s thoroughly modern musician Marykate O’Neil giving an old 70’s pop hit a new lick of musical paint:

Marykate O’Neil – “Get Down (2002)


The huge advantage of playing you that cover version is this: it gives me the perfect excuse to play you the original, which I adore more than you could possible know:

Gilbert O’Sullivan – “Get Down (1973)


Marykate O’Neil official website
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Gilbert O’Sullivan official website
Gilbert O’Sullivan on Facebook
Gilbert O’Sullivan on MySpace

Frank’s Faves on Fridays

July 23, 2010

Gilbert O’Sullivan – “Get Down (1973)

I am incredibly glad that you suggested “Get Down”. For me, this song can never be played often enough – or be too loud. I’ve always adored “Get Down”, ever since I first heard it. And that verse! When Gilbert’s singing the verse, is there a better tune in the known universe than that? (Possibly, but not when it’s playing.) And, of course, the song’s nowhere near long enough, so you have play it again. And again. And again. This is precisely the kind of song that reminds me why I loved AM radio in the Seventies so much.

The Tourists – “So Good To Be Back Home Again” (1980)

I didn’t mind this, but it’s not a patch on my favourite Tourists track, their magnificent version of “I Only Want To Be With You” (1979):

But “So Good To Be Back Home Again” is alright, I suppose. It just didn’t grab me anywhere in particular.

The Fantastic Baggys – “Surfin’ Craze” (1964)

A jaw-droppingly shameless rip-off. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this song exists precisely because of the popularity of The Beach Boys. I know you’re a big fan of The Beach Boys, so you’re undoubtedly familiar with the very song that “Surfin’ Craze” mercilessly references (i.e., the real thing).

Beverly Bremers – “Don’t Say You Don’t Remember” (1972)

This is a song and an artist I’d never heard of before, and I’m extremely grateful to you for foisting it upon me. I loved it. I have to admit, though, that when the singing started, my first thought was “It’s Little Donny Osmond!” but then it settled into a great Big Ballad, and not the kind that Hair Metal rockers created in the Eighties. As far as I’m concerned, “Don’t Say You Remember” = excellent.

Bonus instrumental:

The Marketts – “Out Of Limits” (1963)

What a weird surf guitar instrumental. It sound like the kind of thing I’ve heard before, but I don’t ever remember hearing the names of the artist or the song (maybe all surf guitar music sounds similar to me). I was puzzled by that odd sound effect in the background. I thought it was an army of staplers, all stapling in synchronization. Weird.

I must say, Frank, that with this week’s songs I’m exceedingly pleased with two of your choices. You scored a direct bullseye with “Get Down” (excuse me while I play it again), and the Beverly Bremers song was a revelation.