Musical coincidences # 66

January 8, 2011

My friend Stonefish (Hi, Stonefish!) recently posted a song on his blog. The song was “Military Madness” by Graham Nash. I like that song a lot but hadn’t heard it in years. Because I had only remembered the chorus, I was looking forward to hearing the while thing again. As soon as it started, though, I thought “Hey, the way that starts reminds me of the way another song starts…”

So, here are two songs with fairly similar introductions:

Graham Nash – “Military Madness” (1971)


Justin Kline – “Singing In The Air” (2008)


I guess that’s all they have in common, really. But it gave me an excuse to play you a song by Justin Kline. (I like Justin’s songs.)

Graham Nash official website

Justin Kline official website
Justin Kline on Facebook
Justin Kline on MySpace
Justin Kline on Bandcamp