Song of the day: Hammerfall – "Blood Bound"

February 26, 2013

When I played Andy James’ guitar gymnastics (see yesterday’s post) to the 16-year-old of the household who has become a recent convert to power metal (why, Natalie, why?), she suggested I listen to a Swedish metal band called HammerFall. (Yes, they really are called HammerFall.)

The aforementioned 16-year-old power metal fan suggested a particular video of one of their songs called “Blood Bound”. (Yes, it’s actually called “Blood Bound”.)

I duly obliged, and spent the next four minutes laughing. I loved it.

HammerFall – “Blood Bound” (2005)

As I was experiencing “Blood Bound”, the young power metal fan offered the following appraisal:

“It’s just that awesome.”

I was going to go with “epic and mighty”, but that’s a bit of a cliché.

Incidentally, there’s a bit of “Blood Bound” that sounded familiar to me…

HammerFall – “Blood Bound (2005) (excerpt)


T. Rex – “Get It On (1971)


I know it’s not much of a coincidence, but it was there, and I heard it.

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