Song of the day: Hanky Panky – "A Precious Bitch"

May 18, 2013

Music Submission Alarm: Things are piling up a bit here, because I’ve just had a look at all the emails I’ve received recently from musicians asking me to listen to their music, and I’ve discovered there are currently nine of ’em.


I haven’t listened to all of them yet (call me “Slack Pete, the No-Good Varmit”), but I will, and I may post them as I hear each one.

(If, over the next nine days, you see less than nine posts featuring new bands or artists, then it may be safely assumed that I didn’t like one or two of them.)

First up, here’s a French band called Hanky Panky, and their song, “A Precious Bitch”, as well as the video for it.

I had a listen to the song and enjoyed it. One thing I liked about it was the production. I found it endearingly unpolished. (I was going to call it “amateurish”, but that may have come across as an insult.) For me, the unpolishedness of the production added to the song’s charms. But I did think the song was way too long. (It’s 4:13. For the kind of song it is, I reckon two minutes would have been plenty.) And I didn’t like the singer calling herself a bitch, not matter how precious she thought she was.

Anyway, here ’tis:

Hanky PankyA Precious Bitch (EP) (2013)