Song of the day: Harry Nilsson – “You Can’t Do That”

January 5, 2013

Harry Nilsson once covered The Beatles‘ “You Can’t Do That“, and in doing so decided to get clever and chuck in references to other Beatles songs.

There have been a few attempts here and there on the Internets to list the songs Harry references, but no-one seems to have provided a conclusive list.

Well, permit me to introduce you to a conclusive list:

Harry Nilsson – “You Can’t Do That (1967)

In addition to the bongos from “You’re Going To Lose That Girl” playing throughout the song, there is (in order of appearance)…

0:01-0:06  – She’s A Woman
0:06-0:10  – I’m Down
0:11-0:14  – Drive My Car
0:25-0:29  – You’re Going To Lose That Girl
0:34-0:37  – Good Day Sunshine
0:37-0:41  – A Hard Day’s Night
0:43-0:47  – Rain
0:48-0:51  – I Want To Hold Your Hand
0:53-0:56  – You’re Going To Lose That Girl
1:02-1:05  – Good Day Sunshine
1:05-1:07  – And I Love Her
1:06-1:08  – Day Tripper
1:09-1:13  – Paperback Writer
1:16-1:19  – Baby It’s You” / “You Won’t See Me” / “Nowhere Man
1:25-1:28  – Baby It’s You” / “You Won’t See Me” / “Nowhere Man
1:35-1:40  – Do You Want To Know A Secret
1:39-1:43  – Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
1:55-2:00  – Yesterday
2:03-2:07  – She’s A Woman
2:05-2:09  – I’m Down
2:08-2:11  – Drive My Car
2:10-2:17  – Strawberry Fields Forever

By the way, I didn’t make this song a Musical coincidence because Harry’s “coincidences” were all deliberate.

Song of the day: Justin Kline – "Turn On Your Radio"

December 18, 2012

Here’s something low-key from Justin Kline to gently ease you into the day…

Justin Kline – “Turn On Your Radio” (2012)

And here’s the just-as-pleasant original:

Harry Nilsson – “Turn On Your Radio (1972)


Small observation: In the original especially, some of the melodic countours and chord changes remind me of The Beatles’ “Blackbird”.

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