Song of the day: Hawks Of Alba – "Over Before It Ended"

November 20, 2011

A few days ago I was listening to the wonderfully helpful* radio station Three D Radio and a song completely new to me came on. I heard the song and thought “Hmm – I like that song.”

So I put on my Mr. Investigating Hat** and found out that the song is called “Over Before It Ended”, and it’s by Hawks Of Alba, a local (i.e., where I live in Adelaide, South Australia) band with a decidedly prog rock name. (But they’re not a prog rock band.)

Hawks Of Alba – “Over Before It Ended (2011)

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Hawks Of Alba official website
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Hawks Of Alba on Triple J Unearthed
Hawks Of Alba at MusicSA

(*Three D Radio is wonderfully helpful because it plays music I don’t hear anywhere else.)

(**That’s a metaphorical hat.)