Song of the day: Hell&Lula – "Razor Love"

February 9, 2012

I received an email from a music PR company called LaFamos (Hi, folks!) that has one of the weirdest requests I’ve ever seen in a music-related email. Although the email was basically letting me know about a band called Hell&Lula, it started with this:

Help Hell&Lula’s Cool Bus Run on Veggie Oil

Electro-pop Band Looks To Set Environmental Friendly Example

Los Angeles, CA – Hell&Lula, the commanding electro-dance group from Los Angeles, is doing a PledgeMusic Campaign, with goal of the campaign is to raise enough money to modify their “Cool Bus” (a converted school bus) so that it can run on waste vegetable oil from restaurants instead of diesel fuel. PledgeMusic is an online platform that allows fans to fund creative projects.

It then went on to describe how great the band were, how fabulous the songs were, how the band were moving up, up, up in the world etc – all the usual things music PR companies say about the bands they’re looking after. (Sorry about being blasé there. I’m not usually this cynical.)

But that plea for assistance in converting the band’s bus from a gas guzzler to an oil guzzler is possibly the strangest request I’ve received from any band.

By the way, I don’t know if it was Hell&Lula’s intention, but from the first time I saw the band’s name I thought it was their way of saying “Hallelujah”.

Anyway, I had a quick listen to one of Hell&Lula’s songs and enjoyed it. (I really want to call this band Hallelujah.)

I listened to a few more Hallelujah songs and thought, “Hmm – I don’t mind these songs at all. They’re not power pop, but I reckon I can put a couple of them on the blog, and hopefully anyone who visits this blog won’t be terribly bothered that the songs aren’t exactly power pop.”

Hell&Lula Hallelujah – “Razor Love” (2012)


Hell&Lula Hallelujah – “Backstage Burden” (2010)


Both of those tracks appear on Hallelujah’s album, Catch Up!!! Catch Up!!!. The last time I saw a title that excited was with the name of an Adelaide band: Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!.

Oh, and here’s the band’s odd, odd request:

Hell&Lula official website
Hell&lula on Twitter
Hell&lula on MySpace
Hell&lula on Facebook
Hell&lula on YouTube
Hell&Lula on LaFamos
Catch Up!!! Catch Up!!! on iTunes