Song of the day: Hey Geronimo – "Carbon Affair"

April 26, 2013

A couple of months ago I pestered you with a new-ish (2012) EP by Australian band Hey Geronimo. I also bothered you with a song from it a couple of months before that as well. (Note to self: Try for a bit more variety on the blog, Peter.)

I recently revisited the EP and was pleased that I still like it.

I wasn’t going to assault your sensibilities with yet another song from the EP, but at the risk of repeating myself (any more than usual) I’m fairly keen to play you another track from it.

At least it’s one I haven’t played before:

Hey Geronimo – “Carbon Affair (2012)

My favourite parts of “Carbon Affair” are the 12-string guitar riff at the start, and the dreamy chorus (e.g., 0:30-0:50).

Actually, to stop me playing more songs form the EP in the future I’ll present you with the whole thing:

Right. Now I’ve played you all the songs on Hey Geronimo.


Song of the day: Hey Geronimo – "Co-Op Bookshop"

February 20, 2013

A little while ago I played you “Dreamboat Jack“, a cute song by Australian band Hey Geronimo. (I thoroughly recommend the video for it.)

Here’s another song from them:

Hey Geronimo – “Co-Op Bookshop (2011)


Song of the day: Hey Geronimo – "Dreamboat Jack"

November 30, 2012

My friend Scott (Hi, Scotty!) posted today’s song on Facebook and called it “catchy”.

You’re not wrong there, Scotty.

Hey Geronimo – “Dreamboat Jack (2012)

“Dreamboat Jack” appears on Hey Geronimo’s self-titled EP. (See below.) When I listened to it I thought: “Yep, I’m buying that.” Not just for the irresistible “Dreamboat Jack”, but also for early-ABBA vibe of “Why Don’t We Do Something?“, the wonderful vocal harmonies in “Carbon Affair“, the energy in “I Got No Money“, the glam of “Co-Op Bookshop“, and the Sixties psychedelia vibe that pervades pretty much every song.