Song of the day: Hey Mercedes – "It’s Been A Blast"

August 25, 2012

A non-Randy Newman CD I bought recently was Loses Control, an 2003 album by American band Hey Mercedes.

Wikipedia describes them as an “emo” band, but I have no idea why. I don’t think they’re emo at all:

Hey Mercedes – “It’s Been A Blast” (2003)




Song of the day: Hey Mercedes – "Quality Revenge At Last"

January 11, 2012

Here’s American band Hey Mercedes with a song containing a fair degree of oomph:

Hey Mercedes – “Quality Revenge At Last” (2003)


That’s my kind of oomph.

Hey Mercedes on MySpace
Hey Mercedes on Facebook

Song of the day: Hey Mercedes – "The Switch"

April 30, 2011

Today’s song is dedicated to American noise-meister Jeff Shelton. I reckon he’d like this:

Hey Mercedes – “The Switch” (2003)


Jeff Shelton, if you don’t know the name, is the chap responsible for an American power pop band called The Well Wishers. Tomorrow I’ll post one of their songs. In the meantime, a previous Well Wishers post on the blog will give you an idea of what to expect. Hi, Jeff!

Hey Mercedes on MySpace