Song of the day: Ho-Hum – "Diamonds On Your Birthday"

June 19, 2010

In yet instance of the wonderfully random nature of the Internet and the people who frequent it, I received an email from a chap I’d never met before named Allen (Hi, Allen!) who presented me with a song I’d never heard before, by a band I never knew existed.

The band is called Ho-Hum and they’re from Little Rock, Arkansas. So far, they’ve made 10 (!) albums.

By the way, Allen was pleased to let me know that the two main band members, brothers Lenny and Rod Bryan, are his first cousins. Despite this flagrant nepotism, I must say that I’m glad to make the song’s acquaintance:

Ho-Hum – “Diamonds On Your Birthday” (2002)


Isn’t the Internet amazing?

Ho-Hum on MySpace
Sort-of official website (it’s just a web page with links on it)