Song of the day: Humbug – "Swingers Ball"

September 2, 2011

I like buying CDs.

There’s a fairly small back-story to today’s post, and I’ll get it out of the way quickly so you can listen to the song. Or you can listen to the song while you’re reading the fairly small back-story (that’s ending up fairly large because of this useless paragraph).

I was over at the perthmusic blog (Hi, whoever runs that blog!) and enjoyed a song by Perth band Humbug. I enjoyed it enough to go and buy the CD from Rubber Records before the song had even finished.

Having bought the CD, I promptly forgot about it and went back to doing whatever it is I do.

Yesterday I received a parcel from Rubber Records that left me slightly bewildered. In it was that Humbug CD, plus three others. I was duly puzzled, as I didn’t remember buying any other discs at the time. I went back to the original order, and it was for just that Humbug CD. Which means that Rubber Records sent me three complimentary CDs. You beauty!

Because of the generosity of Rubber Records (that’s Rubber Records), I’m turning the next few posts into a Rubber Records Festival.

But first, the song that started this all:

Humbug – “Swingers Ball” (1996)


I like buying CDs.

Humbug on Rubber Records