Song of the day: Hush – "Too Young To Know"

November 5, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, cats and kittens, gloves and mittens, it’s time to put on your platform shoes.

A few days ago commenter pb669 (Hi, pb!) asked for a song by Australian glam rockers Hush. This is why I like requests:

Hush – “Too Young To Know” (1976)


Mmm. Glam.

Song of the day: Hush – "Glad All Over"

April 15, 2010

The inspiration for today’s song comes from stonefish55 who mentioned in a comment the other day that he was “glad all over”. That’s all I needed to hear…

Hush – “Glad All Over (1974)


If you don’t care for all that glam goodness, here’s the original:

The Dave Clark Five – “Glad All Over (1964)


By the way, during the course of my extensive and thorough research for this post (i.e., about a minute on the Internet) I discovered that Carl Perkins also recorded a song called “Glad All Over”, but it isn’t related to The Dave Clark Five’s version at all (except for the name):

Carl Perkins – “Glad All Over” (1958)


And because The Beatles recorded the Carl Perkins ditty for the BBC in 1964, I couldn’t resist playing you that as well:

The Beatles – “Glad All Over” (1964)



There’s another version of Carl’s “Glad All Over”. It’s by The Jeff Beck Group and it sounds very 1972:

The Jeff Beck Group – “Glad All Over (1972)


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love music trivia.

Song of the day: Hush – "Bony Moronie"

September 16, 2009

Here are the princes of Australian glam, Hush, with their take on “Bony Moronie” (1975):


And here’s the original by Larry Williams from 1957:


Hush’s “Bony Moronie” was an Australian number 1 hit (their only one) in September 1975. Go, glam!

Hush had the glam thing going on in spades – they had spandex, pyrotechnics, and dangerously high platform boots. And it was a whole heap o’ fun. I mean, who couldn’t love a band that looked like this?

Although they had their biggest hits with covers (“Bony Moronie” and The Dave Clark Five‘s “Glad All Over“), they did write their own stuff. Here’s one of their originals, “Rough Tough ‘N’ Ready” (1975):


Which reminds me of this:


Want to see Hush in action? Here they are in all their televisual glory with “C’mon We’re Taking Over” (1974):

Love it.

Update (18 September 2009): I’ve just found the video for “Bony Moronie” performed by Hush on Countdown:

Love it even more.