Musical coincidences # 9

June 30, 2009

This coincidence has bothered me ever since I first heard it in 1989.

It involves “Tucker’s Daughter” by Ian Moss. At the end of the chorus is this little tune:

Which is, pretty much note-for-note, the first part of the main tune in Bacharach/David‘s “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again” with the wonderful Dionne Warwick warbling away:

It’s the main tune. And Ian Moss puts it at the end of the chorus of his song. Couldn’t Mr Moss have used the tune a little more subtly than that? Like buried in a guitar solo or something?

Anyway, here are the full versions of both:

Dionne Warwick – “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again (1970)

Ian Moss – “Tucker’s Daughter (1989)