Song of the day: Ivory Daggers – "Starry Night"

May 10, 2013

I recently received an email that started off sounding terribly official. The first line said this:

“Re: Ivory Daggers – Rococo Bang 4-song EP – Submission Inquiry”

That looked terribly official to me. (I think I may have already said that.)

I’m afraid I’m not very good with anything that looks official. I instantly tense up, and think of things like committees, sub-committees, working groups, solemn recommendations (e.g., “It is agreed upon that this day shall henceforth be known as…”) etc. If I come anywhere near any of those things, my brain tends to disengage and I start thinking of other things – like music, for example. As noble and worthy as official-ness may be, I’m just not good with any of that stuff.

But the very next line of the email started with:

“Hi Pete!”

And then I relaxed.

Ivory Daggers is the name of the band that had scared me with its “Submission Inquiry” email, and their EP is Rococo Bang.

After listening to Rococo Bang, I thought about doing what I usually do – listen to the music and then type my reactions to it. But instead, I’ll tell you what I did…

I had a listen to Rococo Bang. And then I had another listen to it. And then another listen. After that I went away and did something else, then came back and listened to it again.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I like Rococo Bang.

Ivory DaggersRococo Bang (2013)

Scurrilous Rumour

The band may or may not have named themselves after this song:

Phantom Planet – “Ivory Daggers (2008)

Stephanie Chandra