Musical coincidences # 255

June 6, 2012

This coincidence comes to you courtesy of the Eurovision Song Contest, of which I’m a semi-fan (I think it’s enjoyable silly, but it goes on far too long).

Eurovision was on a couple of weeks ago, and of the songs I heard (I didn’t have the stamina to hear them all), one of the little beasties perked up my ears in a “Hey, that sounds like…” way.

The opening melody of the verse for Israel’s entry is:

Izabo – “Time (2012) (excerpt)

It reminded me of:

Del Shannon – “Runaway (1961) (excerpt)

Actually, it’s just the end of each phrase that’s similar, where the last three notes go up. I’ll isolate those three notes for you, so you can hear what I’m hearing:

Izabo – “Time (2012) (excerpt of the excerpt)

Del Shannon – “Runaway (1961) (teeny excerpt)

This really is trivial, isn’t it?

Here are the full versions:

Izabo – “Time (2012)

Before I get to Del’s song, I want to ponder something: is it me, or does the lead singer of Izabo look like Harry Connick, Jr.?

Del Shannon – “Runaway (1961) (sped-up 45 single version – the one you heard above)

Del Shannon – “Runaway (1961) (original speed)

Incidentally, the next coincidence will feature another Eurovision ditty – but this one will be a little more noticeable.