Song of the day: Jack Simons – "Please Be Kind"

April 20, 2013

A few days ago I received a very friendly email from Jack Simons, a young musician who hails* from Western Massachussetts, home of the world’s fastest peanut throwers**.

Jack let me know that he’s been unnaturally productive, having made six solo albums since 2010. And what makes it even more unnatural is that Jack was responsible for pretty much all the sounds on those six albums.

Are musicians supposed to be that productive? Aren’t they meant to be lying around, waiting for their “muse”, and then recording only when “the mood is right”?

As you ponder those imponderable questions, I’ll play you the two songs Jack sent me. One is, in Jack’s words, “a bit more power pop”, and the other is, also in Jack’s words, “a bit more experimental”.

I had no trouble listening to either of them, and hopefully you won’t either. Unless you don’t like ’em. In that case, I’ll simply say “Ah well – each to his own; one man’s meat is another man’s poison; whatever floats your boat; you say potato, I say potato.” etc.

Jack SimonsPlease Be Kind (2011)

Jack SimonsShining Light (2013)

(*Not in the meteorological sense.)

(**That may not be true.)