Song of the day: Jack Skuller – "Someone Else"

July 3, 2013

Some time ago I posted a song by American artiste Jack Skuller. It’s probably because of this that I received an email yesterday from someone associated with him (Hi, Eddie – whoever you are!) letting me know that young Jack has recorded and released a couple of new songs.

I like both of them.

Here they are:

Jack Skuller – “Someone Else” (2013)

Jack Skuller – “Tell Me Your Heart” (2013)

By the way, both those songs are free.

Official website

Song of the day: Jack Skuller – "You’ll Never Take My Holiday"

April 20, 2012

Here’s another song-I-didn’t-need-to-choose-because-someone-asked-me-to-promote-an-artist post. (I tell ya, these posts are starting to write themselves.)

The email I received for today’s artist is one of the oddest ones I’ve received so far. I’ll itemise the oddities.

  • The email’s sender: Eddie (No other name given.)
  • The email’s subject header: Teen Vogue’s “favorite new singer/songwriter”
  • The email’s contents: Hi Peter. Thought you might want to know about 16 year old singer/songwriter Jack Skuller.

Four things in that email struck me as distinctly bizarre:

  1. First of all, I don’t know of anyone called “Eddie”. Unfortunately for me, “Eddie” didn’t elaborate on who he or she is.
  2. Secondly, the email was touting a musician who is “Teen Vogue’s favorite new singer/songwriter.” To me, that’s a pretty bizarre thing to mention to an Australian power pop blogger. It also leads me to the next point.
  3. Thirdly, “Teen Vogue”. Teen Vogue? … [pause for bafflement] … Now, because I’m a curious fellow I just had to find out if something called “Teen Vogue” was what I thought it was (i.e., a Vogue magazine for teenagers). I discovered that it was exactly what I thought it was: a Vogue magazine for teenagers.

  4. Fourth, the email mentioned that the artist in question, Jack Suller, is 16 years old. Considering Jack’s age, for a moment I thought that the person who sent the email was asking if I’d be interested in adopting him.

For me, that all adds up to one weird email.

“Eddie” did, however, include this link:

I played it, and once I’d heard the snippets of the two songs in the background, I thought “That’s not too bad. I don’t mind putting that on the blog at all.”

I found out that Jack has a Soundcloud page which has four of Jack’s songs. Of the four, this was my favourite:


Oh, by the way: because I’m a complete Beatles nut I must tell you that one of the songs on Jack’s Soundcloud page is a cover of “In Spite Of All The Danger“. Yes indeedy:

Jack Skuller • In Spite of All the Danger by TEAM JACK (2012)

And the original from 1958:

Well, after ferreting about on the Internet for a little while I now know more about Jack Skuller. But I still don’t know who Eddie is.

Official website
Bandcamp (but there are no tracks)