Song of the day: Slade – "Move Over" (live at the BBC)

May 21, 2012

A while ago I posted Slade‘s version of obscure Sixties track “Shape Of Things To Come“. I posted it in response to an earlier post of that obscure Sixties song performed by someone else, and (sorry – I’ll try not to make this paragraph as complicated as it’s starting to sound) a commenter by the name of Murph (Hi, Murph!) mentioned the Slade version. I didn’t know this (along with plenty of other things I don’t know), and I found out that along with a studio version appearing on their second album, Play It Loud, it appears on Slade’s Live At The BBC, a double album where the first disc contains recordings the band made for the BBC and the second disc is a concert recorded in 1972.

Anyway, I made Slade’s Live At The BBC version of “Shape Of Things To Come” a Song of the day. (Oops. I mentioned that at the start of the previous paragraph. This post is becoming circular.)

But getting back to today’s song…

As I listened to Live At The BBC (which I hadn’t before) my predominant thought was: “No wonder people say Slade were a great live band.” And then I remembered Robert Christgau’s comment: “I judge a good rock and roll ‘encyclopedia’ by whether or not Slade is included.”

For me, one of the standout tracks on the album was their version of Janis Joplin‘s “Move Over”. It stood out because its main tune was so catchy. As soon as that melody went into my head it stayed there for the rest of the day. And that’s why I’m playing it to you today – it’s hooky as heck. (Or, to use an even ruder term: it’s heckin’ hooky.)

There are two versions of “Move Over” on Slade’s Live At The BBC. I didn’t know which one to choose for today’s song because I think they’re both magnificent, so I’ve gone for both.

Slade – “Move Over” (live at the BBC) (1972)


Slade – “Move Over Baby” (live at The Paris Theare, London, August 17, 1972)


Here’s the studio version:

Slade – “Move Over” (1972)


And the original:

Janis Joplin – “Move Over” (1971)


Boy that’s a catchy tune.


It’s just occurred to me that this is an Australian power pop blog. I really should try to find some Australian power pop to play on it.