Song of the day: The Merrymakers – "Don’t Tell Me"

October 18, 2011

Today’s post appears as a response to a recent post on the PowerPop blog (Hi, Steve, NYMary, and Kid Charlemagne!).

Their Sunday post (courtesy of NYMary) was of a new song by American band The Jayhawks. The song is called “She Walks In So Many Ways”, and as I was listening to it I kept thinking it was going to burst into the chorus of a different song by a different band.

If you’ll indulge me, please listen to The Jayhawks song first. That way, you can hear what I heard:

The Jayhawks – “She Walks In So Many Ways” (2011)


After every verse of that, I was convinced I was going to hear the chorus of this:

The Merrymakers – “Don’t Tell Me” (1995)