Song of the day: Hush – "Glad All Over"

April 15, 2010

The inspiration for today’s song comes from stonefish55 who mentioned in a comment the other day that he was “glad all over”. That’s all I needed to hear…

Hush – “Glad All Over (1974)


If you don’t care for all that glam goodness, here’s the original:

The Dave Clark Five – “Glad All Over (1964)


By the way, during the course of my extensive and thorough research for this post (i.e., about a minute on the Internet) I discovered that Carl Perkins also recorded a song called “Glad All Over”, but it isn’t related to The Dave Clark Five’s version at all (except for the name):

Carl Perkins – “Glad All Over” (1958)


And because The Beatles recorded the Carl Perkins ditty for the BBC in 1964, I couldn’t resist playing you that as well:

The Beatles – “Glad All Over” (1964)



There’s another version of Carl’s “Glad All Over”. It’s by The Jeff Beck Group and it sounds very 1972:

The Jeff Beck Group – “Glad All Over (1972)


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love music trivia.