Song of the day: Jeremy Neale – "Darlin’"

January 12, 2013

I hadn’t thought of a song for today (I’m currently writing album reviews, and concentrating on those, but I’m nowhere near finished yet), but my friend Scott came to the rescue by posting a song on Facebook that I liked.

A few things to look out for:

  1. Slack playing in the rhythm section from 1:09-1:15 (not everyone is playing together as well as they could).
  2. Jeremy singing out of tune from 1:16-1:18.
  3. Unbelievably weird singing from 1:14-1:17. I don’t know if it’s sincere (but way off-key), or a parody of “whoah-oh-oh”s that singers sometimes put in songs.
  4. An avant-garde sax solo from 1:21-1:36.

But despite those shenanigans, I like the song itself. It’s very ’60s.

Oh, and it’s a free download.

Jeremy Neale – “Darlin’ (2012)

Official website