Song of the day: Jim Camacho – "It’s Over"

April 8, 2011

Peter’s Aural Mystery Tour: Day 5

After yesterday‘s toe-tappers from England called Athletes in Paris (no, I don’t know why a band from England is called Athletes in Paris either), we zip over to America to hear the slightly sad Jim Camacho:

What I think it sounds like: Sort of country, sort of rootsy, sort of AOR (sort of).

Jim Camacho – “It’s Over” (2011)


If you liked that, here’s another one:

Jim Camacho – “Get Out” (2011)



Unless I’ve forgotten someone*, today’s post concludes this little whirlwind tour of artists I’d never heard of before. It’s back to regular power pop duties tomorrow, folks.

Jim Camacho official website
Jim Camacho on MySpace
Jim Camacho on Facebook

(*It’s entirely possible.)