Song of the day: Bob Lind – "Cheryl’s Goin’ Home"

August 3, 2012

A couple of days ago I posted a folk song by Bob Lind called “Elusive Butterfly”. It was released as a single in 1966, and is a one-hit wonder. Apparently, “Elusive Butterfly” the only song Bob Lind is known for.

My American bloggin’ buddy Steve Smiles (Hi, Steve!) sent me a message on Facebook saying that he thinks Bob Lind should be remembered for the flip-side of the “Elusive Butterfly” single, “Cheryl’s Goin’ Home”. I had a listen to “Cheryl’s Goin’ Home” (thanks, YouTube) and enjoyed it more than “Elusive Butterfly”.

As a result, I feel the need to play it to you.

Thanks, Mr. Steve, for letting me know about “Cheryl’s Goin’ Home”.

Bob Lind – “Cheryl’s Goin’ Home” (1966)


Bob Lind – “Cheryl’s Goin’ Home” (1966) (alternate mix)


As well as giving me very pleasant “That’s great early folk-rock” thoughts, “Cheryl’s Goin’ Home” reminded me of two other songs: “Concrete And Clay” because of the beat; and “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” because of the opening vocal melody.

Unit 4 + 2 – “Concrete And Clay (1965)


The Shirelles – “Will You Love Me Tomorrow (1960)


Steve told me that an American band called The Blues Project covered “Cheryl’s Goin’ Home” (and added a “g”). Here’s their version:

The Blues Project – “Cheryl’s Going Home” (1966)


And I found another cover version. It’s by English singer Adam Faith, and although Adam maintained the linguistic integrity of the title I’m not especially keen on it. (It’s a bit too mild for my liking.) However, in the interests of completeness here it is:

Adam Faith – “Cheryl’s Goin’ Home” (1966)


Addendum: I thought I’d provided you with all the cover versions of “Cheryl’s Goin’ Home”, but I was aghast to discover there are plenty of ’em. I won’t play them all (you have better things to do with your time), but I will play you the most unusual – and possibly the most entertaining – version by John Otway:

John Otway – “Cheryl’s Going Home” (1981)

Video (embedding disabled – but it’s well worth watching)

Oops. This post ended up much longer than I thought it was going to be. Sorry about that.