Musical coincidences # 47

April 15, 2010

Today’s coincidence involves an Australian power pop band and an Australian pair of pantyhose. (No, the band didn’t rob a bank.)

Yesterday’s Song of the day was a catchy little ditty that I’ve been listening to a fair bit recently. However, it was only during the most recent hearing of it that prompted my brain to switch on a light bulb and shout “Hey! That sounds like…”.

But first: because today’s coincidence is all-Australian, I’ll have to fill in the blanks for non-Australians (i.e., foreign devils):

In 1978 there was a highly successful TV ad campaign in Australia for a brand of pantyhose called Razzamatazz. That ad campaign was highly successful due to three things: a) an incredibly catchy jingle; b) a memorable catchphrase; and c) attractive females wearing the product. As a result, most Australians of a certain vintage will have no trouble remembering the ad or the jingle:

That’s the first part of the coincidence.

Now, if you’d care to remember the start of that jingle (“Oh, oh, Razzamatazz…”), permit me to play you the start of yesterday’s Song of the day:

The Finkers – “Down South” (1999) (excerpt)


Yes, indeedy.

As for “Razzamatazz” in other parts of the world, I reckon people might think of other things…

For example, English readers of a certain vintage will probably remember a kids’ TV show called Razzamatazz that ran in the 80’s.

Kate Bush was interviewed on Razzamatazz, and I’m very pleased about that because it gives me an excuse to show you a clip of the wonderful, wonderful Kate:

I love Kate Bush.

Over in the US, though, the word “Razzamatazz” might conjure up something a lot less enjoyable. Unfortunately, American readers of a certain vintage may be reminded of this:

That’s horrible. I’m trying to look at it for kitsch value, or view it as ‘ironic’, or see it from some other kind of angle that post-modernists like to do so they can justify liking what they like, but I can’t. It’s horrible.