Song of the day: Jonny Rumble – "BZRKR"

June 14, 2010

Following on from yesterday’s non-Australian band from Chicago, here’s another band from the same part of those United States (of America). This time it’s Jonny Rumble, a group of punky upstarts with two tracks from their new album, JR (2010):

Jonny Rumble – “BZRKR” (2010)


Jonny Rumble – “Cox Road” (2010)


Incidentally, I chose that particular photo of the band because it looked refreshingly different from most band photos you see – but then I realised what the band members were emerging from. Unfortunately, it then occurred to me that if you really didn’t like the songs on offer here then you could probably supply your own caption to the photo. Hopefully, you won’t need to supply a caption to the photo. (And maybe I should choose a different photo next time.)

Official website
Jonny Rumble on MySpace
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