Song of the day: Jupiter Affect – "White Knuckle Sound"

October 24, 2012

A fine upstanding (except for when he’s sitting) young man by the name of Keith (Hi, Keith!) has a record label called Futureman Records.

If you’re a reader of this blog and have a much better memory than mine, you’ll remember that I posted a song by Michael Carpenter (his cover of The Shazam‘s “Super Tuesday”) a few days ago. Keith left a comment saying Michael’s song is one of 19 tracks on a free Futureman Records sampler which is currently available only at the Pop Geek Heaven website. Although it’s free, you have to be a member of Pop Geek Heaven to get it. If you’re not a member, that’s no problem because it’s free to join, and the worst that happens is you get put on the Pop Geek Heaven mailing list. No biggie.

In case you’re interested, the track listing for the sampler is:

  1. “White Knuckle Sound” by Jupiter Affect (from Instructions For The Two Ways Of Becoming Alice)
  2. “What You See” by TubeTop (from Three Minute Hercules)
  3. “Bastanchury Park” by Liquor Giants (from Liquor Giants)
  4. “Orbit” by Lisa Mychols w/Paranoid Lovesick (bonus track from Sweet Sinsations)
  5. “Jillian Years” by The Jigsaws (from Cereal Toy)
  6. “You Say The Funniest Things” by The Idea (from Sideways Smile)
  7. “Secrets” by Dumptruck (from Haul Of Fame Collection)
  8. “You Or Michael Brown” by The What Gives (from The What Gives)
  9. “Happy Again” by Joel Boyea (from Please Don’t Eat The Daises)
  10. “She’s Varispeed” by Red Letter Day (from Red Letter Day)
  11. “This Year’s Gonna Be Our Year” by Eytan Mirsky (from Who Is Eytan Mirsky?)
  12. “The Best Part” by The Lolas (from Ballerina Breakout)
  13. “Postcards From The British Empire” by Phenomenal Cat (from Postcards From The British Empire)
  14. “Million Miles” by The Fletcher Pratt (from Nine By Nine)
  15. “Winslow Winston” by Who Hit John? (bonus track from Hey Buffy)
  16. “Put Out The Fire” by An American Underdog (from Always On The Run)
  17. “Super Tuesday” by Michael Carpenter (from SOOP Sampler)
  18. “Glow Girl” by The Vandalias (from The New Sell Out)
  19. “Pure and Simple” by Lisa Mychols (from Lost Winter’s Dream)

I grabbed the sampler (did I tell you it’s free?) and had a listen.

I must admit in all honesty that I wasn’t particularly keen on most of the songs on it. I liked approximately 21.0526315789% of the beastie.

Putting it in less pretentiously mathematical terms, I liked a not-so-grand total of four songs on it. And that reminds me yet again (for the umpty-umpth time) that music is entirely a matter of personal taste. I’m absolutely sure that the compiler loved most, if not all, of the songs on the sampler, and I reckon there would be plenty of people on that compiler’s wavelength, all going “Yes!” to the songs on offer. Personal taste, baby.

Over the next four days I’m going to feature the four songs I like. No, make that three – I’ve already played you Michael Carpenter’s “Super Tuesday”.

Over the next three days I’ll play you the three other songs I like on the sampler.

Here’s the first one. It’s track one, and although I don’t warm to the sound of the singer’s voice (it reminds me a bit too much of SpongeBob Squarepants), I enjoy everything else about it:

Jupiter Affect – “White Knuckle Sound (2000)

More Futureman-ness tomorrow.