Song of the day: Kaki King – "Playing With Pink Noise"

June 1, 2010

This week we have another acoustic guitarist, this time from America.

Here’s Kaki King playing her guitar in ways that the manufacturer may not have intended when they designed it:

Kaki King – “Playing With Pink Noise” (2004)


Update and apology:

I’d only just put the finishing touches on this post when I discovered that I had already mentioned Kaki King on this blog* – and it was this very track, too. I’m recycling posts already! Argh!

As a bonus, and for putting up with my nonsense, here’s Kaki playing a few tracks live on In the video, Kaki talks about the concepts of time and infinity, tunes up her guitar, then talks about the curving of the universe, tunes up her guitar a bit more, talks about humungous guitars, tunes up… etc:

Official website
Kaki King on MySpace

(*I know it was a year ago, but still – you’d want a different song each day, wouldn’t you?)

How to use a guitar

July 19, 2009

If you’re a guitarist and haven’t seen this yet, prepare to feel your jaw drop to the floor:

Studio trickery? Nope: