Song of the day: Khalid Quesada – "Radio Silence"

February 14, 2013

I was electronically accosted yesterday by a public relations company called I AM PR Agency*. They told me about a young man named Khalid and his song “Radio Silence”, and they proudly stated “RIYL Beatles, The Monkees“.

That prompted two responses from me:

1. I like The Beatles; and

2. I don’t like acronyms such as RIYL.

Anyway, I had a listen to “Radio Silence”.

I didn’t mind it. The vocals bothered me (by not being terribly strong or in tune), but the melody was nice enough:

Khalid Quesada – “Radio Silence (2013)

Official website

(*The company’s website address is When I first saw that, I thought it was “I am pregnancy”, which to me is one way of saying “I am pregnant”. Having a can-be-misconstrued website name reminds me of unfortunate website addresses.)