Musical coincidences # 319

October 19, 2012

This coincidence is an example of when rock music borrows (possibly inadvertently) from the world of classical music.

My friend Scott (Hi, Scotty!) posted a song by Australian rock band Klinger on Facebook a few days ago. I heard it, and as soon as it began I recognised a very familiar chord progression. (Well, it’s very familiar to classical music fans.)

First up, here’s the chord progression from those uncouth youngsters in Klinger:

Klinger – “Hello Cruel World” (1999) (excerpt)


If you slow that down a bit, add some orchestral strings, take away those noisy electric instruments (and drums), you have:

Pachelbel – “Canon in D major (1694-ish) (excerpt)
(Played by I Musici, 1983)


Sure, Klinger’s bass player didn’t play exactly those notes – but the guitar’s playing the same chords as Herr Pachelbel’s Canon.

Here are the full versions:

Klinger – “Hello Cruel World” (1999)


Pachelbel – “Canon in D major (1694-ish)
(Played by I Musici, 1983)


Thanks, Scotty, for liking that Klinger song enough to put it on Facebook where I noticed it.