Song of the day: KOOS – "Rock This Party"

March 27, 2013

A couple of months ago I mentioned a chap from The Netherlands called KOOS. (I don’t known if that’s an acronym, but it’s emphatically spelled in capital letters.)

At the time I played you bits of KOOS’s upcoming EP, Electric Carpet Ride. At the time I liked it. It had a 1970s AM radio vibe that I enjoyed. Hang on…

I’ve just had another listen. I still like it.


KOOS emailed me to let y’all know that the EP isn’t upcoming anymore – it’s now available.

The mysteriously-named KOOS told me it’s available in a variety of ways…

If you’re interested in hearing what KOOS and I are advertising, you can do that very thing right here:

KOOSElectric Carpet Ride

Official website

Song of the day: KOOS – "Feel Alright"

February 1, 2013

A young man from the Netherlands named KOOS emailed me and asked if I’d like to have a listen to his five-track EP, Electric Carpet Ride, which will be released in March (this year).

The answer, as always with any musician anywhere, was a resounding “Yes!”

I had a listen, and jotted down a few things…

By the way, KOOS wasn’t keen on me handing over all the songs (fair enough), so instead here’s a two-minute preview of the EP. Hopefully, the combination of that and my natterings will give you an idea of the songs contained within:

KOOSElectric Carpet Ride (2013 EP trailer)

1. “Feel Alright” [0:00-0:19 in the preview]
This song makes me think of all the soft rock songs I listened to as a youngster in the 1970s, and how I loved ’em. “Feel Alright” had me bobbing my head in no time.

2. “Take You To The Dance Floor” [0:19-0:39]
Before this song started I saw the title and thought “Please don’t let this be a disco song. Please, please, please, please…” And then it started. With its insistent bass drum (doof doof doof doof), liberal use of AutoTune, quick editing before the chorus etc., I’m really hoping this is a parody of modern dance tracks. As a parody, I think it works very well. If it’s not a parody, then I sincerely apologise to KOOS and say “Well, Mr. KOOS, this is a good one of those kinds of songs if you like that sort of thing.”

3. “On The Edge” [0:39-1:01]
A folky steel-string guitar to introduce the song, and we’re away. (Far away from the dance floor.) This is a nice, waltzy kind of thing. It gets a bit rockin’ in the middle, but then it settles down again, going back to being nice and waltzy.

4. “Rock This Party” [1:01-1.22]
This one definitely has its heart in 1970s AM radio. I can imagine this being played by any one of those American West Coast soft-rockers like John Stewart, Andrew Gold, Bob Welch etc. etc. etc.

5. “Everything I Want You To Be” [1.22-1:43]
See above comment about John Stewart, Andrew Gold, Bob Welch etc. etc. etc.

I just realised that in all those songs, I didn’t even mention KOOS’s voice or the vocal harmonies. I liked KOOS’s voice very much, as well as the harmonies.

Summing up, I’d say that anyone who ever had their ear pressed against a transistor radio in the 1970s, diggin’ those golden tunes while punk and disco were doing whatever they doing somewhere else, will respond quite positively to Electric Carpet Ride.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to email a man called KOOS and ask him if he has plans to make a full-length album. And if so, can I buy it as soon as it’s available?

Official website