Song of the day: The La De Da’s – "The Place"

July 24, 2013


The La De Da’s – “The Place” (1973)

Song of the day: The La De Das – "Feel Like A Dog"

September 21, 2010

After yesterday’s jaunt to Japan, it’s time to get back to something Australian (in this case it’s New Zealand – but that’s close enough).

Here are The La De Das with a bit of jammin’-in-the-studio boogie:

The La De Das – “Feel Like A Dog” (1974)


I couldn’t find a video of “Feel Like A Dog”, so here instead is the band boogie-ing to Fats Domino‘s “I’m In Love Again”:

And I can’t resist hearing from the man himself:

Song of the day: The La De Das – "Morning Good Morning"

December 26, 2009

Here’s some nice laid-back post-Christmas boogie for you. It’s New Zealand’s best Australian rock band, The La De Das, with “Morning Good Morning” (1972):


Nobody, but nobody, did this stuff better in the 70’s in Australia than The La De Das.

Incidentally, and rather irritatingly, the band (or maybe their record company) changed its name quite regularly. Depending on the record sleeve and/or record label for any given release, it could be:

  • The La De Das
  • The La De Da’s
  • La De Das
  • La De Da’s

That makes me go “Grrr”, and I find it just as annoying as with The Master’s Apprentices (Masters Apprentices / The Masters Apprentices / The Masters / Masters / Master’s etc). Consistency, people, consistency!

(For the, er, record, it was “The La De Das” more often than any other spelling.)

I know that this can appear incredibly – and pointlessly – pedantic, but I just want to know how to spell a band’s name correctly, and don’t want anyone even more pedantic than me to write in about their favourite artist with a comment such as “Why did you spell it like that? Don’t you know anything about music?”.

Leaving behind the awkwardness of unhelpfully fluctuating band spellings, as a bonus here are the boys upping the tempo* with “The Place” (1973):



(*Can you “up” a tempo”? Was “up” ever a verb?)

Song of the day: The La De Da’s – "Too Pooped To Pop"

November 24, 2009

Here are The La De Da’s with “Too Pooped To Pop” (1974):

Link When I was growing up, I’d always thought that this was an original but, as with a lot of songs I grew up listening to, it’s not. This was originally written and performed by Chuck Berry. Chuck Berry! The Father Of All Rock Songs! Why didn’t I know that? Why?? Talk about ignorance. And to think that every time I listened to the song as a young nipper I never even bothered to look at the songwriting credits. I mean, it’s right there on the label:

(Some music expert I’m turning out to be…) Anyway, here’s the original, which I have to admit I don’t like anywhere near as much as the more boogified version by The La De Da’s: Chuck Berry – “Too Pooped To Pop” (1960) Link By the way, tomorrow I’ll try to play you something recorded much more recently (say in the last five years), because I’ve only just noticed that lately I’ve been pummelling you with songs that are so last century…

Song of the day: The La De Das – "Gonna See My Baby Tonight"

June 22, 2009

Here are New Zealand’s Australia’s The La De Da’s with a great bit of boogie* from 1971 (wasn’t everyone boogie-ing in 1971?), “Gonna See My Baby Tonight”:

(*Here in Australia we call it “pub rock” – or, as I mentioned in a much earlier post, Bloke Rock.)