Song of the day: Labradors – "Punch"

March 22, 2013

I recently received an email by an Italian band called Labradors (Konnichiwa, chaps!) who told me about ther new album, Growing Back.

The band sent me links to Growing Back‘s opening track (“Punch”) and an “album teaser” video. I’m a-presentin’ them to you today.

I was going to just present them to you without any brouhaha or ado, but I’m not very good at just leaving songs alone. So please be aware that the songs are accompanied by some pretty unnecessary comments. You can easily ignore them.

Labradors – “Punch (2013)

As soon as this started, I thought “Rock!”.

And once the verse began (at 0:30), I thought “Hey Mercedes!”.

Hey Mercedes is a band that released an album in 2003 called Loses Control. I really like that album, and Labradors’ “Punch” reminded me very much me of its opening track:

Hey Mercedes – “Quality Revenge At Last (2003)


Both songs have that same propulsive drive and wall-of-guitars sound, which is usually alright by me. (If I’m not in the mood for it, however, it becomes tiresome real fast.)

But de-focusing on Hey Mercedes (this post isn’t about them), and focusing back on Labradors and “Punch”, I’m diggin’ it.


There were a few things I wasn’t diggin’:

1. The vocals had that slightly “filtered” sound that’s popular at the moment. I don’t know why singers have those kinds of sounds applied to their voice on the recording. Maybe for the producer (or whoever deciding on putting the effect on the singer’s voice) it’s a bandwagon-jumping thing (“Hey guys, this sound is so hot right now!”). For me it’s a minor thing, but it’s a little annoying.

2. Some of the background vocals were a bit dodgy (i.e., not entirely in tune) – for example, 1:05-1:07. I would like to point out that the background singers sounded like they were enjoying themselves, singing their parts. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy hearing them quite as much.

3. I never keen on hearing anyone say (or sing, in this case) the phrase “I deserve a punch in my face” (1:07-1:11). And I’m not keen on hearing anyone repeat it either (1:14-1:16, 1:58-2:00, and plenty more times after that). And it doesn’t help when the singer reinforces it by singing “I deserve a punch in my face very bad“.

But apart from those trivial qualms (never let it be said that Peter talks about anything important), I went along for the ride of “Punch”. Oh, and I did like the chords chosen to lead into the end of the song (3:34-3:40).

Here’s the “album teaser”. The song in it is called “Astrology”:

I must admit that I preferred “Astrology”, but you might prefer the guitars-guitars-guitars of “Punch”. À chacun son goût, baby.