Musical coincidences # 46

March 27, 2010

There’s a song by The Strokes/The Killers/The Hives/The Kooks/Kaiser Chiefs clones The Libertines called “Boys In The Band” that starts off with a riff that’s shared by the bass, guitars, and then finally by the vocals:

The Libertines – “Boys In The Band” (2002) (excerpt)


It instantly reminded me of the riff that starts off The Mojos‘ “Everything’s Alright“. This riff, to be precise:

The Mojos – “Everything’s Alright” (1964) (excerpt)


Incidentally, when I had a quick look at The Libertines’ discography I laughed out loud. (I couldn’t help it.) There was their first album Up The Bracket, their second and final album The Libertines – and quite mystifyingly, something called Time for Heroes – The Best of The Libertines. Yep, a best-of from a band that released two albums. Two albums.

Anyway, here are the full versions of both riff-happy tracks:

The Libertines – “Boys In The Band” (2002)


The Mojos – “Everything’s Alright” (1964)


If you’re like me, you may be much more familiar with David Bowie‘s version of “Everything’s Alright” on Pin Ups. It’s the one I grew up with, so I thought I might as well play you that, too:

David Bowie – “Everything’s Alright” (1972)


The Libertines on MySpace