Musical coincidences # 385

April 8, 2013

There’s more to this coincidence than first meets the ear. But I’ll start at the start.

First of all, my friend Michael sent me this coincidence. He told me where the two songs coincided, I had a listen, then thought to myself “Oh yeah – Michael’s right on the money there”:

Hollywood Heroes – “Caught In The Act” (1974) (excerpt)

George Harrison – “My Sweet Lord (1970) (excerpt)

(“Caught In The Act” indeed.)

But then things got a little weird.

Because I’d never heard of that Hollywood Heroes song, I went looking for any information about it. I found some on Robin Wills’ splendid blog, Pure Pop Pub, which had an MP3 of the song as well as some comments by Robin. also noticed the “My Sweet Lord”-ness of the Hollywood Heroes track.

This is where it gets weird.

There were three comments for Robin’s post. One of them was from a certain “KevB”, who said this:

“While listening to this last night my friend pointed out that the song is a version of an early lindisfarne single “Court in the act”, So the songwriting credit was probably a misspelling of Alan Hull.”

Here are the full versions of all the songs:

Hollywood Heroes – “Caught In The Act” (1974)

Lindisfarne – “Court In The Act” (1972)

George Harrison – “My Sweet Lord (1970)