Song of the day: Living Colour – "Cult Of Personality"

July 14, 2012

There’s recently been a concerted effort by a few friends to persuade me that the music of the 1980s is nowhere near as bad as I think it is. I think it is the nadir of musical creativity from human beings of any time in the history of absolutely everything. My 80’s-lovin’ friends say my view may be a little… unbalanced.

Although I thought that particular decade was dire, there were actually a few bands* and a few tracks here and there that I enjoyed – even loved.

Which leads me to today’s song(s).

Sometime in 1988 I was watching a late-night music program (it was probably Rock Arena, an informative show that played unusual, not-entirely-commercial music), and the host announced a couple of videos from a new band. The band was Living Colour, and when the first of the videos (“Cult Of Personality“) came on I became tremendously excited. Then the next song (“Middle Man”) appeared, and I was just as excited. I thought “Oh man – I gotta get that album.” Which I did.

So here are two tracks from the 80’s that I enjoyed. A lot. (And still do.)

[Suggestion: maximum volume = maximum enjoyment.]

Living Colour – “Cult Of Personality (1988)
[Update: Blogger sent me an unkindly-worded email saying that I’m not, under any circumstances, to play you an MP3 of this song. Apparently, the video’s OK – so at least you get to hear the song.]

[Update 2: Blogger sent me another unkindly-worded email. It looks like the videos won’t do either. So out goes the vdeo as well. Never mind. You can see it here.]

Living Colour – “Middle Man” (1988)
[Update: See above.]

[Update 2:Same Blogger unfriendliness with this video, too. You can see it here.]

(*Thank you Midnight Oil, Matt Finish, and the Divinyls for helping me get through the 1980s.)