Song of the day: Love Parade – "It’s Happening Again Or"

April 17, 2011

A chap by the name of Nathan (Hi, Nathan!) asked if I wouldn’t mind playing one of his band’s songs. Given that my policy regarding requests could loosely be described as “I’ll play anything!”, I was more than happy to.

Now, to get you in the mood for this particular song by Australian band Love Parade, please do the following:

  1. Invite some friends over to your house. (Any time of the day is OK, but the optimal period will be between two and four in the morning.)
  2. Contact your nearest ashram and ask if you can borrow some ponchos.
  3. While the ponchos are being delivered to you by the incredibly kind and generous people there, find that packet of incense you bought years ago and completely forgot about.
  4. Take every stick of incense you found to your hi-fi room, place them strategically around the room, and light them. All of them.
  5. As your friends are making their way over to see you, cover all the electric light bulbs in your house with coloured cellophone.
  6. By this time, the ponchos will have been delivered. Thank your poncho donors by saying, “Om.”
  7. Bring every bean bag you have out of storage and put them in your hi-fi room.
  8. When your friends arrive, hand out the ponchos.
  9. * With everyone now gathered in the hi-fi room and wearing ponchos, invite everyone to sit in the bean bags. And make sure that everyone has trouble seeing each other due to the haze from the incense.

Now that you’re hopefully feeling suitably psychedelic, here’s Love Parade with a trippy ditty:

It’s Happening Again Or” appears on Love Parade’s 2010 EP, A Strawberry Situation, which you can hear either at Bandcamp or over at Soundcloud.

That song was track 1 on the EP. All six tracks are pretty freaky, but track 2 is a little poppier than the rest which is probably why I liked it more than track 1. Here’s track 2:

Oh man, I’ve got the munchies.

Love Parade on MySpace
Love Parade on Triple J Unearthed

(*With regard to the number of items in the list – and to keep the psychedelic vibe going – please repeat after me: “Number nine, number nine, number nine, number nine…”)