Song of the day: The Loved Ones – "The Loved One"

May 20, 2011

I want to point out three things about today’s song:

1. For the kind of song it is (i.e., R&B-ish, bluesy rock à la The Animals), the verses have a very odd time signature. Depending on who you talk to, each verse is in either 9/8 or three lots of 3/8. (I go with 9/8.) But whatever you call it, that time signature is extremely rare for a mid-60’s rock song. (You’re more likely to hear it in prog rock a few years later.)

2. The vocal phrasing is pretty unusual for a rock song from 1966.

3. INXS covered this song – not once, but three times. They recorded it as a single in 1981, then a shiny new version on their 1987 album Kick, and then it appeared on their 1991 live album Live Baby Live. Unfortunately, in all of INXS’s versions they played it safe, time-signature-wise, by having the whole song plod along in 4/4. (If you want to get pedantic, it’s actually 12/8 – but that’s still four main beats to the bar.) Ah, well.

The Loved Ones – “The Loved One (1966)



(The quality isn’t as good, but it has less INXS in it.)

And here are INXS’s three recorded versions:

1. INXS – “The Loved One (1981)

2. INXS – “The Loved One (1987) (Embedding disabled. Why?)

3. INXS – “The Loved One” (live) (1991)

I have a feeling INXS liked the song.