Song of the day: Luke Jackson – "Goodbye London"

March 14, 2010

Here’s Luke Jackson with “Goodbye London” (2008):


Luke is a British gent currently living in Canada. Considering the sentiments expressed in the song, I’m guessing that Luke prefers living in Canada (possibly because it’s not England).

I must admit that up until three days ago (when Luke emailed me asking to mention his music), I knew none of those things. I never even knew there was someone called Luke Jackson.*

By the way, you can hear a whole pile of Luke’s songs on his website where he has a selection of tracks which he calls his, er, “Lukebox”:

Luke Jackson on MySpace

(Maybe “Luke Jackson” is a pseudonym. It sounds like it’d make a great cowboy name:

“The sun burned fiercely on the faces of the townsfolk waiting for the new sheriff to arrive. It was a hot day, but no-one wanted to miss out on seeing the man who would clean up their town once and for all. A small, indistinct shape appeared on the horizon. A few people wondered, ‘Could it be? Is it really him?’ The shape grew larger as it came toward them. Slowly but steadily the shape was becoming more discernible. It was the shape of a man on a horse. ‘It is! It is him!’ a boy cried. ‘It’s Luke! He’s here!’ A few more minutes passed under the blazing sun as the townspeople gathered together to welcome their new sheriff. The man rode slowly down the main street of the town towards the expectant crowd. Finally, in front of what appeared to be the population of the entire county, he stopped his horse with a firm but gentle pull on the reins. He looked at all the faces staring at him, tilted his hat upward, and said in a friendly drawl: “Well, howdy folks. The name’s Luke Jackson. How y’all doin’?”