Song of the day: Lyn Saga – "This Way"

June 10, 2013

Thanks to a recent recommendation by the estimable Aaron at Powerpopaholic, I found myself at CD Baby listening to bits of songs on an album called Venice by American musician Lyn Saga. I could only listen to bits of the songs because CD Baby engages in that dreadful habit of providing you with “previews” of tracks (usually no more than 30 seconds) instead of all of them. Grrr. Despite that, I liked the bits I heard so much that before I knew it, I had bought the album.

Here’s one of the songs:

Lyn Saga – “This Way” (2013)

Thanks, Aaron, for letting me (and everyone else who reads your blog) know about the album. Thanks, Lyn, for writing and recording your album. And thanks, CD Baby, for having the album available. But no thanks for supplying only snippets of songs. (Grrr.)

Official website
CD Baby