Musical coincidences # 360

January 26, 2013

Among the thousands hundreds dozens few emails I receive from musicians and/or record companies asking me to tell you about the music they’ve made and would like you to hear, one was from a record company called Radiant Future Records promoting the music of Martin Gordon.

The email I received had a message about Martin’s Pledge Music request (see video below), along with samples of songs from his forthcoming album, Include Me Out.

(Trivia: It was the first email I’ve received where the songs were actually in the message, not attached to it. I don’t know how they did it, I but I think it’s neat.)

Anyway, one of the songs I heard in the email reminded me of a track by Fountains of Wayne.


Martin Gordon – “Gotta Go Green” (2013) (excerpt)


…reminded me of this:

Fountains Of Wayne – “Someone To Love (2007) (excerpt)


They may not be all that similar, but Martin’s thingy reminded me of Fountains Of Wayne’s thingy.

Here’s a bit more of “Gotta Go Green”. It’s not the whole thing, but it’s all that’s available at the moment:

Martin Gordon – “Gotta Go Green (2013)

And here’s the full version of “Someone To Love”:

Fountains Of Wayne – “Someone To Love (2000)